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These are Hisham's photos when he was admitted to Farrah rehabilitation center at King Hussean hospital from 30/05/2006 to 15/07/2006

Hisham in a rehabilitation hospital with his physical therapist.

Hisham between his two brothers and his mother holding him between her arms.

Sample Photo 2

Hisham with his treating doctor, Dr.Ali Ottom.

Sample Photo 3

Hisham blowing candles for his birthday after he is out of the ventilator.

Sample Photo 4

Hisham's mother holding her son between her arms hoping that God will help him improve one day.

Sample Photo 5

Hisham on his wheelchair with his father, uncle & brother around him.

Sample Photo 6

Hisham trying to make use of his mouth as long as he has lost function of his arms & legs.

Sample Photo 7

Hisham with his older brother in the street.

Sample Photo 8

Hisham with the physical therapist on the lifting table.

Sample Photo 9

Hisham with his father beside him.

Sample Photo 10

Hisham on his wheelchair and his brother beside him.

Sample Photo 11

Hisham with his occupational therapist trying to make him draw using his mouth, after he was unable to move his limbs!!!!!!!

Sample Photo 12

Hisham alone on his wheelchair thinking about his future.

Sample Photo 13

Hisham, a war victim child, searching for HOPE.