New photos , 2008

 An Iraqi Child Injured Photo album Hisham's Photos

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Hisham's photos through diferent periods of his life.


Hisham looking around. What has he done?

Hisham sitting on his wheelchair with his father between flowers.

Hisham with his father and his brother waiting for his trip to have treatment in Russia

Hisham playing using his head with his bear, a gift from his aunt.

Hisham's father holding his son and watching his eyes.

Hisham with his brother in the swimming pool.

Hisham with his uncle, his father, and his brother in the museum.

2010, Hisham, Ali in the snow, King Of Prussia.

Hisham with Abu Hamza, a friend of his family visiting prophet Shoaeeb in Jordan.

Hisham sitting with his father, listening to what he is telling him.

Hisham visiting a museum in Jordan.

Hisham with his brothers and father looking for his future.

Hisham with his brother Ali in the ZOO,2011

2009.Hisham at Montgomery hospital.

2007, Hisham at Jordanian Airport, when he came back from a treatment session in America.