An Iraqi Child Injured

 An Iraqi Child Injured Photo album Hisham's Photos

Hisham's Life Story

Hisham A Mohammed is a 19 Year old boy who is from Iraq and lived in Alanbaar province, Alramadi city in the west of Iraq. He was very active & clever & he loved his school so much. Hisham loved playing soccer in his free time & helping his mother with her house work & loved playing with his brothers.


The Angel

 Hisham is like an angel and loves life and people. He also loves everything good & beautiful in our life. He's really like an angel! As there are angels in the heavens there are also angels on the earth; Hisham is really one of them.

What happened on the 22/03/2006?

On Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 at 10:30 in the morning, Hisham was standing in front of his house with his brothers & the neighborhood friends. There were around 8 children & they have end of first simster break. He was very happy and too young to know what was happening in our world. Suddenly, they were struck by a bomb explosion in the road & that made everything black. One child who was 12 years old died and five children were injured, one of them was Hisham and two of his brothers, Mohammed and Ali.

What happened to Hisham?

Hisham suffered multiple injuries to his body as a result of shrapnel from the explosion. The most serious one resulted in injury to the right side of his neck causing fracture of right pedicle of C5 & C6 with multiple fragment of bone within the spinal canal that caused a spinal cord injury resulted in NO MOVEMENT IN HIS FOUR LIMBS(TETRAPLEGIA). As you see in the picture he is always sleeping in bed in the hospital without any movement. What did Hisham do to desereve spending the rest of his life lying motionless in a hospital bed or on a wheel chair??????


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